#110 Weezing (Galarian) | PokéWalls


This Pokémon consumes particles that contaminate the air. Instead of leaving droppings, it expels clean air.
– Pokemon Sword Pokedex

I quite like Galarian Weezing’s design, I think it’s brilliant how its top hat doubles as a smokestack, it’s very on theme with the British inspiration for Galar. I also like its facial hair made of poison gas, making it look even more classy. Looking at the overall shape of Weezing, it looks like a bong, not sure if that was intentional or not.

Its typing is now Poison/Fairy, which is new. It’s Fairy type because Galarian Weezing is said to be able to purify the air. It gets a new ability, Neutralizing Gas, which suppresses Abilities of all Pokemon on the field.


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