FCPD Motor Officer Injured In Crash On Braddock Road

FCPD Motor Officer Injured In Crash On Braddock Road

West Springfield Police District – An FCPD motor officer was involved in a crash while responding to a call at 12:37 p.m. yesterday at Braddock Road and Roanoke River Road, near George Mason University. The 16-year veteran officer was transported to a hospital with injuries considered serious but non-life-threatening.

Detectives from our Crash Reconstruction Unit determined the officer and two additional motor units were responding with full emergency equipment to a priority call while westbound on Braddock Road. Due to stopped traffic ahead, the motor units were in the right turn lane, proceeding through the intersection of Braddock Road and Roanoke River Road.

A 19-year-old man was driving a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and did not see or hear the motor units approaching. He made a right turn from Roanoke River Road and entered the middle travel lane of westbound Braddock Road.  He then heard sirens and saw a motorcycle in his rearview mirror.  He quickly merged into the right lane and began braking, intending to let the motor units pass.  The motor officer could not avoid striking the rear of the Jeep as it changed lanes in front of him.  The two other motor units were able to stop without making contact with any vehicles.

The driver of the Jeep was not injured and remained on the scene. Speed and alcohol are not factors. 

We are pleased to report that our officer is conscious and alert. He was evaluated overnight and released this afternoon.

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