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If you’re a regular reader you may well be thinking, “When’s the Ozark Season 4 review coming?” and you’re going to continue to wait as I can’t get it finished. I have however been able to start and finish Sandman in that time so this weeks Series Watch looks at what I’m calling the best series I’ve watched in a very, very long time. I genuinely didn’t want to switch it off.

The Sandman was released in August of this year (2022) but it’s actually based on a Comic Book Series by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics that ran between 1989-1996. I’ll be honest, writing the review for it was the first time I found that out. I hadn’t heard of the comic and so can’t say any nostalgia has impacted my view of this series, either positively or perhaps negatively. It stars Tom Sturridge as Morpheus or Dream and has a decent line up with Jena Coleman, David Thewlis, Patton Oswalt, Charles Dance and Gwendoline Christie to name a few.

As far back as 1991 there were attempts to turn The Sandman into a film but it never took off after hitting setbacks almost each time the idea was touted. Eventually the decision was made to focus it as a series and it’s certainly worked extremely well I would say. It allowed the story to flow better and individual thoughts and emotions to be explored in depth, at times with extreme beauty. I’ve also heard that there should be a second season as well as a potential spin off to come as well which, if they turn out anything like this one, should be fantastic.

Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) is one of the Seven Endless and the personification of Dream. Whilst he is chasing a nightmare known as Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), a particularly nasty nightmare as it turns out, Morpheus is captured by a occult ritual led by Rodrick Burgess (Charles Dance) who imprisons Morpheus for 106 years. Roderick steals Morpheus’ totems of power, his helm, ruby and sand, which he then uses to his own advantage and eventually causes more issues as people misuse the power.

While there is a story that runs throughout the series, it feels as though each episode is a story on it’s own right. Each episode gives the viewer a fresh insight into Morpheus, his past, his family, his kingdom. We learn who he was and can see who he is becoming but it certainly seems as though one of the other Seven Endless has been using Dream’s absence to conspire against him, particularly Desire (Mason Park) along with Despair (Donna Preston).

The series has some real stand out episodes with my personal favourite being “The Sound of Her Wings” in an episode which Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) encourages Dream to see the mortals in the mortal realm in a new light as she greets each one as an old friend. Honestly I nearly cried when she stood over the cot in one of the scenes in this episode. This one takes us back in time too, Dream already isn’t a fan of the mortal realm or the mortals within it but Death grants one mortal the gift of eternal life and every hundred years Dream returns to see what the mortal has learned. He’s ultimately waiting for the mortal to get fed up of life.

Personally I would genuinely say this is one of the best series released in recent times. It’s highly entertaining and the edges feel like a dream, the production is fantastic and the story itself is amazing! Thankfully the series has been renewed for a second season too although it’s likely to be a couple of years before we can see it.

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