Photo Challenge #417 | 06880

When most of us are on Railroad Place, we’re intent on something.

Getting to the train. Heading for dinner at Tarantino, Harvest, Romanacci or Allium. Shopping.

If you take the time to look up at #16, you’ll see an old, diamond-shaped window, underneath a wooden gable. (Click here to see.)

Mark Pocius, Robert Mitchell, Bob Weingarten, John Terpening, Gloria Gouveia, Diane Silfen, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Chip Stephens and Andrew Colabella all look up enough to have nailed it, as last week’s Photo Challenge.

I asked if anyone knew the back story to the unique shape.

John wondered whether the window was installed “in a way that allows it to open/pivot in the center in the hopes of inviting hot air to escape through the upper half, while inviting cooler air to enter through the bottom half, thereby creating a ‘primitive’ form of ventilation.”

Gloria Bobbie noted: “They were known as ‘witch windows’ in Colonial times, because witches couldn’t fly with their broomsticks through them. Many of them are found in Vermont.” She added a helpful Wikipedia link.

This week’s Photo Challenge should be an easy one — if you’re an alert “06880” reader. If you know where in Westport you’d see the image below, click “Comments.”

PS: Merry Christmas to all Photo Challengers!

(Photo/Eric Bosch)


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