The Top 40 Pop Songs of 2022For the second year in a row, I’m adding a special countdown for all the pop music (ie: anything that isn’t Korean or Japanese) I loved in 2022. I’ve slowly dipped my feet back into international music markets, highlighted by the blog’s “Global Round-Up” posts that kicked off this February and will continue into the future.

Here’s the second half of this year’s countdown: songs number twenty to one! Make sure to check out the first half before diving in.


20. Khalid – Skyline

This laid-back groove was perfectly suited to summer. I can’t believe this wasn’t one of the year’s biggest smashes.

19. The Weeknd – Out Of Time

Another song that should have been a mega-hit, Out Of Time perfectly replicates a shimmering, MJ-esque 80’s r&b sound.

18. Gryffin x OneRepublic – You Were Loved

Is this sentimental dance anthem cheesy or profound? I have no idea, but it gets me every time.

17. Tom Grennan – All These Nights

A bombastic rocker that never takes its foot off the gas. I love this style of cathartic stomp.

16. Confidence Man – Feels Like A Different Thing

90’s house music and gospel choir vocals go hand-in-hand, and Confidence Man wring everything they can from the recipe with this ebullient stunner.

15. Sigala – Stay The Night (ft. Talia Mar)

Sigala was one of my MVPs of the year, producing excellent dance music — one hit after another. This song had a long-lasting place on my workout playlist.

14. SB19 – WYAT (Where You At)

SB19 are representing P-pop on this year’s countdown with the infectious retro throwback WYAT. It’s everything BTS’s Dynamite should have been.

13. Lizzo – About Damn Time

The perfect disco pastiche for our playlist-obsessed era. About Damn Time makes one addictive turn after another.

12. Betty Who – Blow Out My Candle

Speaking of pastiches, Betty Who nails a certain style of softly anthemic 80’s pop with the excellent Blow Out My Candle.

11. Jax Jones – Where Did You Go (ft. MNEK)

It’s straightforward — but perfectly straightforward — dance music. There’s something transcendent about its single-minded simplicity.

10. The Weeknd – Sacrifice

The Weeknd harnesses anlethal groove on Sacrifice. This kind of 80’s funk is my happy place, and this song feels like home.

9. Sigala – Living Without You (ft. David Guetta & Sam Ryder)

That chorus shreds! This is high-octane, propulsive dance music with a fantastic vocal that soars to the sky.

8. Ava Max – Maybe You’re The Problem

A bit of a turn from her past music, Maybe You’re The Problem‘s mile-a-minute chorus and vaguely synthwave beat combine to forge a dynamite pop standout.

7. Rina Sawayama – This Hell

It’s Gaga meets Shania on this campy country-pop-rock-dance hybrid. Rina pulls it all together with her effortless charisma and cheeky performance.

6. Beyoncé – Break My Soul

Depending on what you consider a “single,” I could’ve easily featured other Beyonce tracks on this list. But, Break My Soul was positioned as a killer opening salvo for the album. Its house sound is a revelation for her.

5. Sigala – Melody

This potent dance track was one of my most-played songs of the year — in any genre. It’s executed so well, anchored by a flawless (and huge!) chorus.

4. Måns Zelmerlöw – What You Were Made For

I’m always open to a schlocky 80’s power pop motivator. What You Were Made For is designed for pumping your fist in the air. That pre-chorus is so satisfying.

3. Erika Vikman – Kateus

Once again, I’m embedding the single mix before the video because that version is vastly superior. Vikman was one of my big discoveries this year. I adore her gargantuan, ultra-maximalist take on pop music.

2. Ellie Goulding – Easy Lover (ft. Big Sean)

The vocal blend during Easy Lover‘s chorus is a thrill every time it comes around — even if I’ve heard the song dozens of times before. It’s simply a brilliant pop performance.

1. MUNA – What I Want

If you couldn’t tell by how often I use the word, I’m a big fan of “catharsis” in pop music. MUNA’s What I Want builds its entire existence around this sensation, bursting at the seams with longing, frustration and — ultimately — a rush of pent-up release. It’s a thrilling track with one of the year’s strongest choruses.

3. Madison Rose – Technicolor

Madison Rose - Technicolor

2. The Weeknd – Dawn FM

The Weeknd - Dawn FM

1. Beyoncé – Rennaissance

Beyonce - Renaissance


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