Inquisitor 1783 Retrospective by Ploy

Inquisitor 1783 Retrospective by Ploy

January 3, 2023

Well, doesn’t that grid look pretty? The careful reader will note that it also looks pretty empty.

Yep – three years of festive puzzles in the Inquisitor series, and so far my record is 1 Win, 2 Losses. Not the most auspicious of records.

Perhaps I just have a crisis when it comes to these non-standard grids.

Perhaps I still don’t know what grid entries “passing through cells with common sides, with no cell revisited” is getting at, leading to my attempts to get some entries in being pretty random with no helpful crossing letters for the entries I couldn’t cold-solve. I did solve loads too, honest, but never really got very far finding somewhere to put them.

Perhaps just the general chaos of the festive season and subsequent lack of solving time meant that I didn’t have the time / will / strength, or a combination of all three, to get into this.

The upshot being the same. Nul points. Wipe-out. An embarrassing debacle, the only positive outcome being that it isn’t my turn to blog on Fifteensquared.

Never mind, there’s always next week.

Screenshot 2023-01-01 16.23.37


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