The Top Ten Best Songs by FANTASTICS

Top Ten Best Songs by FANTASTICSAs the brightest and most pop-informed act in Exile Tribe, Fantastics were always going to appeal to me. But over the years, they’ve gone on to become one my favorite groups of any genre. Because of this, I want to take some time to run down my favorite singles from their career so far.

If you enjoy anything here, I’d encourage you to check out their b-sides as well. Some of their best material isn’t actively promoted. Start with:

Play Back
Tarte Tatin
Can’t Give You Up
Giri Giri Ride It Out

Also, I’m not covering their contributions to the excellent “Battle Of Tokyo” project since they’re collaborations with other artists. But make sure to check out Supersonic, Mix It Up and Shock The World!

10. Hey, Darlin’ (2020)

Melding a pulsing synth sound with a sentimental melody and a touch of melancholy, Hey, Darlin’ is a slow burn worth sticking with.

9. Perfect Magic (2021)

Driven by a bounding beat that feels indebted to the spikiness of new jack swing, Perfect Magic is a percussive blast. (full review)

8. Santa Monica Lollipop (2022)

Fantastics turn things down a notch with the smooth, city pop inspired Santa Monica Lollipop. It’s easy-listening dance pop at its best and gets better with every play. (full review)

7. Flying Fish (2019)

Flying Fish infuses melody upon melody until the track is just drenched in sentimental heft. The chorus just keeps growing.

6. Time Camera (2019)

Listening to Time Camera is like experiencing a sugary head rush. Its propulsive beat climaxes in a sing-along chorus that simply soars.

5. Over Drive (2018)

An assured and exciting debut, ripped straight from the EDM-pop Exile Tribe loves so much. Over Drive knows exactly what to do with the formula, building toward a megawatt hook.

4. Drive Me Crazy (2021)

A funky dance track that hits with high velocity, Drive Me Crazy stood as a summer 2021 highlight. Its rhythm section is lethal and that closing dance break absolutely slays. (full review)

3. High Fever (2020)

The first real indication Fantastics’ music was moving in a retro direction, High Fever‘s swirling chorus and addictive synth loop proved to have lasting appeal. (full review)

2. Summer Bike (2022)

If High Fever was a statement of intent, Summer Bike fulfills the vast potential of that sonic shift. Its bed of dreamlike synths is absolutely hypnotic. (full review)

1. Stop For Nothing (2021)

Stop For Nothing has all the elements I love in a pop track. The rock-inspired instrumental is bright and bounding, fueled by anthemic stabs. The melodies are affirming and robust, and that post-chorus breakdown is nothing short of epic. (full review)


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