Chakra Balancing Affirmations Meditation Music, One Hour

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191 thoughts on “Chakra Balancing Affirmations Meditation Music, One Hour

  1. This made me feel super nauseous, I only made it 5 minutes in before I had to turn it off… just felt really sick to my stomach. ?

  2. I am listening to this video every morning for a few weeks already. Its one of my favourite track at the moment. I thank you for creating this video it is just PERFECT. I love the affirmations, and your calm, mysterious, eternal voice combined with this beautiful healing music. I can not express my appreciation and gratitude for your beautiful channel enough! <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hi! Do you have any videos for the third eye? It would be very helpful if you could share advices for opening it. Thank you, blessings! ???

  4. Wow! I come from your other channel and hadn’t had time to listen to these fully but I made the time today and it was so strong I closed my eyes and was able to see the colors of the chakras switching before you said to focus. I really enjoyed the music as well I was able to tell the difference based on the beats, the heart chakra and the root chakra were truly my favorite sounds. Thank you so much. ?

  5. I’ve watched/listened to this video at least a dozen times. I absolutely love it. Half the time I’m asleep within minutes but even if I’m having a hard time falling asleep I’m still super relaxed listening to this. It’s just amazing. I hope you do more like this one!

  6. I love how you bring the focus to the physical area not by chakra name, getting my son to listen to chakra meditations and he wouldn’t know what a sacral chakra was so this really helps. Love he freaky ethereal sounds. Your voice is beautiful Jillian. Can I just ask why you start from the crown chakra down? I’m used to going from the root up, does it make any difference? When I got to the root chakra I felt warm energy flow down my legs.
    Can’t wait to see what other creations you have in store for us. Thankyou, you make the world a wonderful place ????

  7. This is so beautiful and relaxing, am falling asleep to it, if it happens, it happens? Can I ask if you'd compose a piece using 174Hz which works for pain. I've listened to other videos that use 174Hz and it really does work, but as I love your music and voice I'd love to hear what you'd both come up with! Thank you both?

  8. Thank you both so much for this powerful medicine. Comforting, soothing and effective. We are healed and empowered by this offering, Namaste ???

  9. This was nice, though I'm a bit disappointed that despite making a concerted effort to want to listen to it all I only got as far as the throat one before I fell asleep … well I guess it all sorta ended up in my head anyway though.

  10. I am very inexperienced when it comes to meditation but it’s the first time I was able to do one from beginning to end without falling asleep. The weirdest thing is that I suddenly opened my eyes without realising when it ended (so strange!)! It was difficult at first and for some reason felt a little worried it wouldn’t work out but I felt the most pain on the middle of my forehead and my upper abdomen. I’ve always felt tension there but it got more intense while doing this, and on my forehead, I felt some sort of circular motion (sorry if it doesn’t make sense). My throat was swelling and I felt a “zigzag” movement… My heart too felt like it was “expanding”… For the crown chakra I didn’t feel much probably because I had a hard time getting into it, and the root chakra because I was starting to fall asleep lol! I don’t know if it was my imagination but it was what I felt. I am going to try to do this regularly and I hope to be more balanced in my life and be happier with myself and be more in touch with my physical body and soul! Thank you so much for your beautiful work, I really really appreciate it ?

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