1. Thanks dennis for generously sharing your time, knowledge and experiences to us to be able to compassionately and lovingly guide us to the way of liberating us from pur anxieties and fears. May God s grace and love be your rewatd.

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  3. Dennis. Please have you any help for me. Your work is wonderful and i have taken short term help. My life is horrendous, had anxiety all my life, mine is health anxiety, im terrified of illness. I wake nearly every morning with so much dread in my stomach i am usually sick, im 68 yrs now and feel like life is not worth it anymore but have family so can't leave them behind. Please any suggestions would be good. Thank you.

  4. I don't suffer from anxiety-related dizziness, but I still find these affirmations helpful, my mind is definitely scattered and lacking focus. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Dennis ???? i tried everything so far. I now bought your book. Dizzyness is with me 24 7 and I really get fatigued over it.
    I will use this daily now. Thank you! ????

  6. I have 24×7 dizzy by 2yrs now… And anxiety as well..i follow you since 1yr now…i feel good now..I live in India.. Dizziness won't go ????

    I have tried
    1) meditation
    2) Exercise
    3) jogging
    4) Entertaining the good vibes
    5) Eating right
    Etc etc

    But anxiety and dizziness won't let me live

  7. When I have a panic attack I sometimes get dizzy. I think that's one of the worst anxiety symptoms because it's so scary!

  8. I always get dizzy when my anxiety is acting up I always take deep breaths. Sometimes I can get through it other times it's not so easy. Alot of times I'm trying to talk myself through it and it does help.

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