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  1. As we all know, there is opinion – and there is fact. I'd like to offer some facts, if anyone is willing to listen, as I have much experience with the St. Germain material. I ask for your patience in what I'm writing, as it may help you. As background, I'm 68 years old, was raised Catholic (I'm not not now), and have a strong earthly orientation, which is why I worked in banking, and to some extent law, much of my life. But, I'm a spiritual person. Please bear with me in reading this.

    In October 1965, while at my grandfather's funeral, something strange happened. Something entered me ant put a smile on my face at an inappropriate time. As time went by, this happened on a few other occasions, but I ignored it and did not understand what was happening. Now, years later, ca, 1979-80, I started to get terrible bodily pains and went I went to bed, electric shocks in my brain. I ignored this too. In the summer of 1981, after passing the bar exam, an entity (fallen angel) made itself known and spoke in my body. It basically said it would make me obedient to it. I ignored that too. A very close relative, my uncle, then tried to introduce me to the St. Germain Foundation books. I trusted him and had no reason to doubt him. I did read the material (Magic Presence, Unveiled Mysteries, etc.) and something supernatural happened, a vision. Anyway, in due course, I saw the material for what it was and was then attacked by the very same angel that demanded obedience. As it turned out, my uncle had been involved with the I AM material and was obedient to it. He tried to betray me and then my mother in getting us to believe these ideas.

    Anyway, a spiritual war ensued in which the fallen angel persecuted me (blurred my vision, jolted me so that I could not fall asleep, disrupted me by speaking loudly through my body when home alone, encased me in a bubble in which I felt separated from the world, and other miserable and very painful experiences.) It wanted e to be a St. Germain student and constantly make affirmations and decrees. I prayed much for release over a period of years. The prayers were not answered, but what was ultimately answered, miraculously, was my fight over the teachings of the Gospel. Yes, I fought the spiritual being in words over what is truth. It till tries to fight me, but understand that took about 10 years of battle to completely subdue the fallen angel.

    Now, to the point. Christ said to fear the one who can throw you into hell (the evil one) and that false Christs would rise up and deceive "even the elect." Christ taught that we are to have FAITH. So, I embraced that teaching and it ultimately helped me enormously. I'm a non-denominational Christian, who simply believes.

    The IAM teachings are very dangerous and deceptive. I've known people, including my uncle, who are trapped in it and are very afraid to reveal what it is because they will be punished by the evil angels that are behind this movement. When these beings speak of obedience, they mean it and if they get to you, they might not let you go – for any years. You will regret your birth. I've experienced the hell that they can inflict – for YEARS.

    The pen name "Godfre Ray King: is a deception. It means free of God and the light is king. The angel Lucifer was the light bearer. Hence. all of the talk about light in the I AM books. The tube of light with the violet flame represents the hell that can be inflicted upon you. Yes, it can burn – I know from experience. To give you an idea of the deception, look at the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man," which is on Youtube. You will ten understand the bleakness of what these deceptive teachings can bring to you. Unveiled Mysteries – Original is a reenactment of original sin. The angel Lucifer viewed itself as a God and wants yo to believe in a God-self or Christ-self. In short, this is the ultimate satanic cult. Take it very seriously. God is real (or I;d be dead by now) nd God does not want you to believe these things. Turn away from this spiritual sewage while you will can. Again, I've known people trapped in it – physically held in bondage and subjected to the horrible forces of fallen angels. You could suffer for many year if these beings get a grip on you.

    I'm not delusional or psychotic. I've had more than one miracle to help me in the battle over truth. If one of these angels starts speaking through your body, you ill know it. To most people, they do not seem to exist. My destiny was to experience one or more of them. They cannot touch other that are around me and, yes, one of them still threatens me with destruction.

    Read the Gospel. It helped me to win the battles. The truth is in Christ — the only true Word of God. There is no higher-self. Realize that this I AM business is very dangerous and very wrong by God. Few of you have had to fight a fallen angel. You do not know what they are about, but hopefully you will consider what I'm saying and reach understanding. I'm trying to be helpful rather than argumentative. I know what the material is. What I've said about it is fact, not opinion. These angels don't take every person who believes this material, but they do take some. You don't want to be taken – you will become a slave to them and regret your birth unless you have very strong FAITH for many years. That is what God may require of you.

  2. I am what I AM IS
    We are All a fractal of the God Head. When l want to talk to God, I'll talk to You and Your Presence [:-)

  3. Yeshua's teaching has been MISAPROPRATED # Jesus died for my sins, past present and future. Jesus forgives me so l don't have to apologize to you <:( ? Really? Yup .

  4. I read this stuff and it literally is so crazy….they said that st german appeared with the president and commanded some evil people or secret services agents to stop ….I couldn’t swallow it anymore because there is way to much falsifiable stuff.
    There is much much better content out there

  5. Mmm.. Just stumbeled in.
    I might listen longer if he didn't read(talk)so fast.
    Not much for fast talkers.
    Words need digested.

  6. I ask now I am receiving perfect knowledge Nothing outside can rule me or shake me down I am ready for truth. 1932

  7. How beautiful of you to read this to us..all that time..I AM grateful to your Soul of Light. Thank you..Thank you..I AM The Blessed ? ? .and you are too..

  8. Bless you, Barry! Synchronicity brought me to your channel and I cannot get enough of all these gems you have shared! All my love to you and all seeing this message! WE ARE ONE!

  9. Wowwww,very powerful I am beautiful,powerful,loved,loving,lovable
    father,we are like you
    there is no cruelty in him & none in us
    Father ,we are like you Kay La

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