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114 thoughts on “I AM Greatness – Greatness Affirmations – Affirmations to Repeat

  1. I love your affirmations! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make these videos. You are blessed!

  2. I miss all the affirmations you had up. I hope all is well and that everything is ☮️ peaceful for you here on YouTube.

  3. Why did you delete a bunch of videos? You had ones I listened to everyday and couldn’t find anywhere else 🙁

  4. Do the old affirmations still work? I have some of them
    Should I still listening to them?
    Please answer, Thanks a lot

  5. @rockstar affirmations Did they shut you down? Wtf happened to your channel man, everything you upload now is garbage, everything before was gold…

  6. I can't find the marriage affirmation video titled "Marry My Dream Man" It's gone 🙁 I loved that one and was using it…

  7. Please bring back the other videos..I’m really disappointed that y’all took them down. That’s crazy. Smh. This new style y’all are doing is not it. Don’t forget about the people who started with you. This was like My favorite channel. Y’all are being really weird..it’s sad.

  8. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are feeling like I do about this. You’ve removed so many of my favorite videos. I don’t quite understand why you would remove videos that people actually listen to. These new ones just aren’t my cup of tea as they’re very slow and somewhat boring. I loved the power of the 3 voices and uplifting music and I’d really like for you to put them all back up. Why remove them in the first place? I don’t see these new videos as being as popular as your others ones, so please… put them back up. Thanks so much?

  9. Thank you for celebrating The Greatness.
    The more I listen,
    the more I ?✨Feel✨The ? Greatness at hand✨?

  10. Are you also producing the Learn Out Loud series of books? If you are, it's also a very fine learning experience….thank you

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