Seeing Myself As Ugly: What Body Dysmorphia Feels Like

Seeing Myself As Ugly: What Body Dysmorphia Feels Like

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193 thoughts on “Seeing Myself As Ugly: What Body Dysmorphia Feels Like

  1. Why is it that all the pretty girls get everything and the ugly ones don’t? This society is soo wrong! Will I ever get a boyfriend, engaged, married or have kids? I highly doubt it, unfortunately.

  2. I feel for her. That’s exactly what I think about myself all the time. Although my body dysmorphia comes from being trans I literally know how she feels. I hate looking at myself and I hope to get medical help for my transition so I can stop feeling down about myself ?

  3. i have random episodes where i attempt to punch my face in certain areas to make it more even. it feels comforting to see other comments from people that are going through similar things; i would say you're all beautiful, but i know none of you would actually take that compliment. i hope you all improve and recover as time passes.

  4. Personally, I have no idea why the video presents only women sufferers. It does not make sense and ruins a video which otherwise could have been very interesting. What got into the minds of the people who made this video?

  5. Hey you , yeah you, please don't scroll down I have something to tell you

    don't worry you're definitely not uglier than me, Now move on and have a nice day/night

  6. My dysmorphia started when I was 11, I used to judge myself a lot but as I turned 12 I started to compare my self to others I got a phone at 14 I avoided taking pictures and opening camera because I know I will look ugly it got worse day by day I wanted to take my face off but I couldn't then I started to slowly take selfies I was now okay feeling nice after a long time but then someone else took a pic of me I looked ugly as hell my whole day ruined I just can't stop thinking about how other people sees me I went home that day and took a pic of my self from my back camera Iookdd at the pic and found something That I shouldn't my face was asymmetrical as hell whole left side of my face was fat and droppy here I am again hating myself

  7. 15 seconds in and I already cried because that's exactly what occupied my mind so much, damn ?

    Already embraced the life of forever alone because I know how fugly I am

  8. You all are good enough but my face my eyes my body and my knowledge is damn ugly I am cry when I see in the mirror I feel lost of anxiety when I'm going to cut my hair people watching and starring me I know how does it feel I just hate to God who make me like uneven ?????????

  9. It's so weird. I feel I can relate to this a lot but I don't want to mistake myself having this disorder. Because until ppl genuinely compliment me, I keep feeling like I'm an unwanted presence and there's a voice behind me telling to get out of there, you don't belong among these normal/beautiful looking people. I srlsy look 10+ years older than my classmates like a married woman or something, mainly cause of my slight obesity.
    The only way I can cope with this is get in my phone, watch celebrities and fictional characters like anime boys to think their so beautiful AMD imagine myself being their companion. Being accepted by a more beautiful, perfect, normal entity. That's all.

  10. I know I'm ugly and not attractive like my cousins. But you know what I like about myself? Is that I don't care about what other people think about my appearance. I will continue taking care of myself everyday. I don't have to please anyone with my looks, style or personality. I'm just gonna be myself and will focus on my goal. My life is too short to worry about these things, maybe we should focus our energy on the things that far more important . But understand that life was not the same for everyone.

  11. when she said she wanted to scratch her face off. I REALLY felt that. That’s how I get too. Almost violent from frustration but I only take it out on myself.

  12. There's a difference between actually being ugly vs being handsome thinking you're ugly. Like stfu handsome people lol.

  13. I never knew there was a word for a this, but this is exactly how I feel almost every day. Reasons why I am not in a relationship because of how I feel. I truly do believe I am ugly, I truly don’t see the beauty in me and it hurts like crazy. Im scare someone will lose interest in me and someone think I’m ugly… I was never the pretty friend, I was never enough, etc. it just hurts.

  14. I was called ugly for 7 years straight by my siblings. I started working out and they started saying: "You'll be ugly anyways" or "Your stupid abs won't show anyway". I go to the bathroom and cry there. I choke in silence so they won't hear me. I'm so worthless.

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