Weight Loss Affirmations that really work with BONUS (EFT Tapping and Reiki Healing)

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50 thoughts on “Weight Loss Affirmations that really work with BONUS (EFT Tapping and Reiki Healing)

  1. Thanks so much for watching I can't wait to hear how this supported you to magnify love and acceptance for your body and yourself!

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  2. Hi Giulia I'm Serafin. You have really good content, new honest sub here. Stop by when you get a chance and have a great day.???

  3. Hey Giulia… nice breakdown of beliefs. They are so powerful. Thanks for sharing …Big Like 25 Mate?

  4. Hello I’m Sarah your new friend .. Here i am giving you full support.Your video is so fantastic amazing super good. I really enjoyed watching your videos. Stay connected I joined you please you join me ???✅ my side done plz support me back new subs dear? ? ???dear please comment me

  5. I just want to thank you for the work you're doing, Giulia! It's great to see someone so relatable and "mainstream" normalizing an "out there" practice like tapping.

    I've been using EFT for a couple years now and it's been wonderful for many aspects of my life, and in the last month or so I stumbled upon your channel. Like you, I've never been technically "overweight," but chasing after my thinnest body (where I feel most confident) consumes me on a daily basis. I've spent almost 2 years struggling unsuccessfully to take off 10 pounds. It's zapped me of so much energy and productivity, and I've avoided dating because of it. The deprivation mindset causes me to get into bingeing cycles, which as you know, are pretty painful. In the year before I turn 40, I really want to free myself of this shit for once and for all!!!

    I love this video because it puts me in a very relaxed state, focusing on releasing the garbage, prior to beginning the tapping process. I plan to repeat this one nightly for the next 7 days and report back 🙂

    Much appreciation,


  6. Wow thank you so much …your energy in this video is so peaceful and clean beautiful.
    Thanks for positive affirmations. So so so happy. Tnx for reiki. Love and adore this video.?????

  7. Our thoughts are so powerful, and body positivity is so important! Thank you for the exercises! I loved your video and, what you said makes a lot of sense!

  8. Releasing limiting beliefs is truly THE answer to Elegant weightless. SO amazing that you are spreading this empowering message!

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