Arlo Ultra 4K Review – One Year Later – Is this home security camera worth $600?

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35 thoughts on “Arlo Ultra 4K Review – One Year Later – Is this home security camera worth $600?

  1. Steve went super in-depth on this one! Want to skip ahead somewhere? Here's the table of contents:
    0:00 – The disastrous initial release of the Arlo Ultra
    2:27 – What's in the box? Overview of the cameras and base
    4:07 – The Arlo app
    6:50 – Testing the camera, including color nightvision, motion tracking, and microphone
    9:35 – The slow app
    10:15 – The subscription plans
    12:35 – The bottom line

  2. Clearly an Arlo supporter. Does not mention the rip off of customers by subscription after one year. What is the point of buying a expensive system and having to keep paying for subscription to use its features??

  3. Hi Steve, great channel and thanks for the work

    I have the ultra and none of my 2 way audio works, I've done everything I can but can't resolve this. The mic pics up audio but I can't use it as a intercom

    Any thoughts? Or anyone with the same problem?

    Thank you

  4. I've had 3 Arlo original for years now, between slow connectivity and plenty of other issues, NO , I don't feel it was worth it

  5. I purchase my Arlo Ultra in November 2019 after I saw you r review on this Arlo. I have had connection issues in the past and lately they seem to be happening more frequently. How can I tell if I have the most recent firmware and software?


  7. There arlo smart hub doesn’t even have usb to connect a hard drive to store video or they didn’t even add a sd card on there cameras to record in case you have down internet or power outages.
    But they are forcing you to pay for their full service. And if u don’t pay u get half of a red Brick device.

    And it doesn’t even have WiFi.
    It need to be connected to the router. If U have a large house and your camera is in the front yard door. And the other is in your back yard door.And your router and hub is in your work office room about 100 yard away.
    How much lag is there. You can’t put the hub in the middle of the room. So each camera can have a good signal without delays

    That is a life or Death situation. It takes a second for some1 to break into your house or steal something. Before u even get the Notification. Think about that.

  8. What do you recommend for a battery based Wi-Fi camera? I just got the ultra 2 and still same issues and it fogs every night!!! Arlo team is clueless.

  9. I've had these cameras for 4 months and I think they're complete trash! My internet speed is 200mbps and still having trouble with accurate notifications .

  10. The hub they provide is the router for the signal. How well does it work distance wise? I need to place some cameras pretty far away from the hub. I have a seperate router that really pushes the signal and would prefer it use my personal router for the cameras

  11. How the hell are your videos so clean? When I download mine it looks so bad. Can’t even see number plates on cars or anything at all? Am I missing something? I’ve got the 4K subscription

  12. I had an four camera Arlo Pro 2 system (purchased in 2018) that worked well. Then I added a three camera Ultra system in September 2019 and everything went down hill from there. Now all the cameras still detect motion and send an alert to my mobile but they often fail to record video to the library – which kind of defeats their purpose. When my annual smart subscription renewed yesterday, it kicked six of my seven cameras off the subscription, giving me a message that I needed to subscribe to a smart plan to reactivate each camera! After hours online to Arlo support, I had to manually take down each camera, remove and re-sync to the app before they would function. The changes to the smart plan from 10 cameras to 5 is also a kick in the guts with additional charges per extra camera on the plan. As your review says, the major problems are all firmware related. If I wasn't so heavily invested in the system, there is no way I would have kept it. It's really hard to recommend a premium priced product that performs so poorly.

  13. Can you share a video,of how to set up this cameras ( arlo ultra 2 ) with the Apple HomeKit please, I’m having big issues, for some reason I can’t get it right and I can make it work with Apple HomeKit….. thanks

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