Blink XT2 Security Camera 4 Month Review | Weatherproof and Wireless

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25 thoughts on “Blink XT2 Security Camera 4 Month Review | Weatherproof and Wireless

  1. Question if mini blue light doesn't turn on when theres motion right in front of it does that mean its turned off and not recording?

  2. I bought this camera yesterday and it came with a faulty sync module. unfortunately my car got hit the same day so now i have no footage of it. bad luck

  3. I need to know if I need to recharge the battery or change every how long,please let me know about this product…we are from colombia. GRACIAS

  4. Great lesson. However, someone hacked my XT2 and renamed my cams. I changed system password, and contacted the company-I am waiting to hear what they say. If they can hack into my account, I am thinking they can watch me and negate my privacy.

  5. Blink Outdoor – wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera with two-year battery life and motion detection is shipping today 9/16/2020. I don't own the XT2. Do you know if there are many differences between the two? I think it's just a longer lasting battery, but not sure. Great video, thanks!

  6. 14:16 Best Buy sells Amazon products as well, at least here in Canada, and they shadow Amazon's prices. So When the Blink (or any other Amazon product like an Echo, Fire, or Kindle) goes on sale on Amazon, they'll also be on sale for the same price at Best Buy.

  7. Hi love ur video.a simple question ,so the mounting bracket has a ball joint what's to stop someone from just yanking it off .billynic

  8. Can you mount these outside without using screws? (I live in an apartment and I don’t think that’s an option)

    Also, can I save video recordings to my phone?

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