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57 thoughts on “HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Photo Printer Overview | HP Printers | HP

  1. Hi! The HP Sprocket phone printer app keeps crashing when I click on a photo to print it. I have tried clearing the cache and data, reinstalling the app, etc but nothing is working.

  2. Hi. Is there any closing shutter for the front camera ? i think it needs to stay protected because of all the hand prints and dust.

  3. I wanna to buy one of this sprocket 2 in 1. But all these comments here indicated their products either has difficulty or problems. ???

  4. I had mine on and it shut off automatically and it won’t turn back on, it’s been charging for awhile now but still won’t turn on.

  5. okay, im trying to print a picture from my camera roll and it is not set up the same way the video shows it. when i click on the image, edit it and all that, it doesn't have the same print button. when i click the print icon, it brings me to a white screen with a file to the picture i selected, and it has a play/ pause button on the bottom of the screen. nothing is printing and i dont know what to do to print my picture https://youtu.be/Jscx_36g8hI?t=165

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