Tips for Just Dance with the PlayStation Camera

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56 thoughts on “Tips for Just Dance with the PlayStation Camera

  1. Thank you! You inspired me to push my wardrobe out of my room to have more space for playing Just Dance with ps4 camera. And by the way, for everyone which rooms are small, ps move is not that bad! ????

  2. in my middle room i had the same problem with xbox one bc there was a chair behind me so i had to go in a different room the red room…
    my least fav room

  3. So the camera doesn’t give you points like if your dancing it just records you and doesn’t see if your doing the moves right?

  4. I reorganized all my room and still not enough :/
    And my room is colorful with A LOT of collections in the background. I'm screwed

  5. hi, i plan to play just dance 2020 on ps4. if i’m using the phone app or ps move, do i need to use the camera also or not? because when i’m searching about it some people said i need the camera, but some other said not. thank you:)

  6. Im thinking about buy the ps4 camera for just dance, I have the ps moves but does not finish convincing me, i want to ask you if the ps camera detect the body well to play just dance? I need to know before buying it please

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