Banana Nice Cream – Healthy Dessert Ideas – Eat Real Food Recipes!

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16 thoughts on “Banana Nice Cream – Healthy Dessert Ideas – Eat Real Food Recipes!

  1. This is a great way to break a nasty icecream habit! I'm going to add some blueberries to my nicecream tonight! ????

  2. I love all the tips from fitness blender. It's been Bout 3 -4 weeks since I found out about you guys and your videos are an inspiration to me for healthy eating and exercising. I can say that for this shake, this I use my magic bullet to make these and other random shakes I come up with. It is the best new years gift I ever got myself for 2016. I rarely freeze mine because I do not always like it frozen so I just make a liquid version of it and I use yogurt most times, instead of milk. I also throw in spinach and ginger in almost all of them and occasionally frozen garlic. It is delicious and healthy.

  3. Not only for my daughter but it will be helpful for many in the world those who are like my daughter.

  4. Send me diet plan for my daughter who is 13 yrs old and 70 kgs. Please send according to Indian vegetarian food.

  5. Looks so yummy! Now I know what to do with those overripe bananas:D Thank you!

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