Harvest bowl with Chickpeas, Greens & Veggies – Eat Real Food!

Printable recipe & more @ https://goo.gl/lmBQ4U
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  1. kale or zucchini recipies would be great!! Thanks so much for sharing this food ideas, sometimes is not easy to find easy and quick healthy recipies like this! Thumbs up!! 😀

  2. Can you guys do a video about canned foods (as in beans, corn, beets, tomatoes) &/or frozen foods? Are these considered processed? I know fresh veggies or dried beans are always preferable, but are these "ok" substitutions when used in moderation?

  3. Love these recipe videos, request for more beans videos…I've been really into garbanzo beans for the past year to substitute meat (I'm trying to eat vegan 4-5 days a week), so looking to find ways to incorporate other beans into my diet but I never really know how to approach it without going down a chili or stew route.

  4. This may seem silly for experienced cooks, but is smoked red pepper the same as paprika? I looked for smoked red pepper in my local grocery store and couldn't find it. If it is it's own spice, what would be an alternative? Thank you!

  5. This recipe is something I'd eat each day, my favorite veggies in a bowl! yumm. Do you have any dessert recipes for those that crave sweets? I usually make oatmeal,banana,cranberry cookies (3 ingredient easy cookies, no sugar, no oil, no eggs)

  6. Hi fitness blender , hope you guys read this. I've lost alot of weight working out to your videos But i've also gain back the weight i've lost when i stop working out for awhile. My issue is I've been gaining and losing, how do i lose those weights and maintain it for the long term. Is there a lighter exercise that i could do everyday to maintain my bodyweighr and fat. Thank you ????

  7. I've been using your workout videos and programs for around four months now and I've lost a stone! I've never felt better. I eat clean healthy meals and do a combination of HIIT, Yoga and Strength training!☺️ I'm working on a video to talk about my experience with your videos. Thank you guys!

  8. Please make a "what we eat as couple in a day" video . Thanks
    Your videos on workout are amazing , I am doing them for 2 weeks and I dont suffer from soreness that I used to before.
    Always looking forward to ur videos 🙂

  9. I am not a vegan (though I was for 5 straight months last year) but I've noticed how much better I feel after I eat plant based verses putting chicken into a meal. I experimented with eating chicken for 5 days and my goodness…my digestion was awful !!! I was so gassy and bloated. Plant based meals are 100x better….