Quick & easy breakfast ideas: Veggie scramble

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43 thoughts on “Quick & easy breakfast ideas: Veggie scramble

  1. Great tip for breakfast 🙂 more of these please ♥!

  2. This gonna be my next "eat it until you hate it" recipe. Thanks guys. u are amazing

  3. I really like your videos and the content is useful and short. PERFECT.

  4. This is a brilliant video please do more like this I always struggle with meal ideas for my family and my husband and I are both trying to lose weight and with 2 children under 2 I’m really looking for simple yet tasty meals to keep everyone happy xx

  5. Made this for breakfast today and loved it! Would really recommend it. It's easy to make and doesn't take much time while still being totally delicious.

  6. Try to clean the white part of the center of the pepper its gives an unpleasant flavor another tip its waith till the butter star foaming and it will be hot enough to sear a bit the veggies saute them for literally 20 sec and the flavlr sgonna be better cilatro its a great option but if u use too much it will be the center of the fplate try with chives or spring onnions ???? tha ks for yout videos guys

  7. 4 eggs…. 8 times your daily allowance of saturated fat and cholesterol.

    Are you trying to kill people!?

  8. Guys serioursly thank you!! All of my family loved it. Keep doing this all of your recipes are great ????

  9. Okay so I'm 18 and and I eat healthy, fulling foods and have 3 meals a day. My calorie intake is 1500-1700 but my NET is 1200 after I work out. I also drink 80 oz of water everyday. Is that okay? Im trying to lose weight and this is what I've been doing. Im 5'2 and 145 pounds. If you can please get back to me. I'd like to know if this is okay to be doing. I've done research and it says it's fine but I wanted your opinion. Thanks!

  10. Made this today with an orange bell pepper, yellow onion, and spinach. It was absolutely delicious and SO SIMPLE! Please continue making more of these videos!!

  11. love your get to the point recipe videos…saves me a lot of time with 2 kids!

  12. I'd love it more if they put how many calories this has… 🙁

  13. can anyone help me… what's a good replacement for eggs? (I have no idea what tofu is????) thank you!!!

  14. Just made it for breakfast, it was delicious! I love that you are posting more and more recipes, thank you so much!

  15. Ok… I come with a dummy question: The recipe in the video is for 2 people? Or only one person meal?
    Sorry for my bad english and… dumb question, but I know there are single people with advanced fitness level that eat such a meal by themselves. And since, you guys, are… advanced, this gets confusing :)).LOL.

  16. i love this Recipe! i really would like a salty breakfast paired with some fruit ????

  17. Hi guys! I SO appreciate your material and hard work. Do you have any ideas for videos on snacks and healthy desserts? That's where I tend to slip up. Thanks for all you do!

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