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E Ticket

Today’s story and sketch "by me" started like most da’s lately at the "MCPPOTG" Man Cave Posse Protectors Of The Galaxy headquarters, being short handed, with logistical resources stretched to the limit, every Seeker Deputy working around the clock, in the The "SMVU" Special Margarita Victims Unit, tracking missing persons, non persons, and any life forms who have gone missing after dining at the "FTSATEOTG" Fish Taco Shop At The End Of The Galaxy, that ordered the famous Sixty Ounce Flaming Volcano Margarita. We at the "MCPPOTG" Man Cave Posse Protectors Of The Galaxy, have taken responsibility for the Special Margarita Victims Unit, "SMVU"safety division, because the "FTSATEOTG" is owned by JB and Rescue Randy. And as of today not one of the "Sixty Ounce Flaming Volcano Margarita" consumers has gone missing for more than two weeks. But today’s big news was the two E-Ride tickets, not any tickets but the rarely seen E-Tickets to Adventureland in dimension Seventeen that were sent to the Man Cave via USPS, and delivered this morning by Big Larry our mail man, what made the two tickets the most important clues in weeks, to the possible whereabouts of the missing JB and Rescue Randy, was the note on the back of both tickets written in red crayon, with the words (SEND HELP), in perfect block letters, letters exactly like I have seen Rescue Randy use when he is writing to break off a relationship. As you can see Cosmo has arrived minutes before me at the entrance, Adventureland seems to be abandoned. We will find away in and begin searching for JB and Rescue Randy. Until next time, hopefully with news of our missing Superheroes taa ta the Rod Blog.

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