The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist

Compilation 11/6/17
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20 thoughts on “The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist

  1. You sound like a lovely person and this is coming from a 59 year old woman born and bred in London. My brother lived in Baltimore for nearly 25 years and so I love the USA with a passion. I live in central London and as far back as I can remember my neighbours were African, Irish, Greek, Caribbean, Pakistan . I grew up with lots of reggae on a Sunday. We all just on together. Not sure what I’m trying to say really except keep being who you are because it’s up to us people might who might eventually make a difference and we can still listen to Marvin and Stevie and all the amazing stuff from the seventies

  2. Listen, I grew up in the 70's. Nobody can tell me it wasn't the best time for music, best decade for soui, rock and whatever. Damn I had a good time

  3. I'm a square-looking, graying very white guy too & agree completely with G Private. We sink or swim together. Love each other & make the world a better place. I have no time for hate. None of us really do have that much time.

  4. I grew up listening to this music – my parents were big fans of 70's Soul. 40 plus years later and I'm still listening to it.  I'm so thankful I grew up in an era where the music was good.

  5. Great old music just fantastic old memories from a great decade the seventies sad there will never be anything like it again great soulful music

  6. There is more than enough songs from the 60's , 70's , not to talk about the 80's and early 90's to last a lifetime. These songs can hold strong memories for generations to come. We just need to remake them with now technology and the new way of arrangements from the producers today.

  7. This playlist was AMAAAAAZING!! Just cleaned my house to it during the Coronavirus apocalypse! Stay safe and God bless!! ??♥️??

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