OnePlus 7T Pro Camera Review | Upgrade vs the OP7 Pro?

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61 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T Pro Camera Review | Upgrade vs the OP7 Pro?

  1. So the thing which make me to spend extra 5,000rupees in 7t pro is that digital stabilised video. That's a major upgrade then 7pro.

  2. Great video! One question: Did you experience shutter lag and problems with pictures of moving objects? Thank you!

  3. Please tell me should I go for Oneplus 7t pro (47,999INR) or the Oneplus 8(12×256) for 50,000INR. Please tell me I'm in a huge dilemma.

  4. Sir I am from India…I am first time OnePlus buying…. So Please help which phone is best… OnePlus 7 Pro or OnePlus 7t Pro…,,,??

  5. I'm gonna buy the 7 pro over the 7t pro, because of the two sensors they moved to the side of the camera bump. Makes cases and skins look less clean.

  6. I got the 7T McLaren. I've fallen in love with the night scape mode. I'm always out at night and hobby taking pictures of lights in the dark. Cities, docks, eerie neighborhoods all look great with this camera.

  7. Good and honest review, just how i like it. Keep it simple. I Got the Oneplus 5T and the new phones are too expensive for me to buy one just now, but i think you are right, for the owners of the past models of the Oneplus, this is the right choice. Thank you for the review. I´m a new follower, see you in the next´s videos. Regards from Porto, Portugal. Cheers.

  8. How come the videos you shot with the phone looks so bad? badly over contrast and over saturated. But i watched other reviewers samples, they looked very natural and full of details.

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