2019 Zulrah Guide: Everything You Need to Know

ZULRAH ROTATION IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/sQPwXZ6

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34 thoughts on “2019 Zulrah Guide: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Confused how on jad and another phase you wasn’t even on the square you had highlighted???

  2. is the jad stage , blue hits protect range red fire balls protect mage ??? bc i keep getting smacked out at the jad stage , seems to be when ever its rotation 1 ….. 6kc btw

  3. Love Zulrah guides with a maxed account killing it in 7 phases. Totally helps me and is really useful to see what phases come in the end and how to play them.
    Fucking clown.

  4. Isn't an occult switch more important than god cape (i), being +10% damage over +2%? It's a lot cheaper than a fury anyway

  5. Everything else has been fine, but on Magma A and B on the last phase where it's melee, the more southern spot has venom clouds on it so I when i run to dodge the melee attack i get destroyed by the venom cloud, am I just supposed to tank that or am I missing something?

  6. ok so im not good with bosses and i am def to slow to switch but using ur guide i did it with mage and had rotation 4 starting twice and the second time i killed him for the first time so thank you so much

  7. why do you have a tile marked in the south east corner that you cant walk onto? kind of throwing me off here

  8. I dont get the fucking phase shit…
    Edit: after 6 tries I killed the mofo. Im mobile only so I didnt use any of the phase cheat sheets. I just winged it, but ty for the gear set up recommendation m8.

  9. for people who haven't memorized the rotations and uses runelite i would recommend using the zulrah pluggin by adding it

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