10 Summer Style Hacks to Stay Cool and Chic | How to Dress for Hot Weather

10 Summer Style Hacks to Stay Cool and Chic | How to Dress for Hot Weather
Sharing how to stay cool this summer with 10 Summer fashion rules you must know!
Shop my Summer fashion picks to stay cool here: https://bit.ly/3hmyklX

1: Summer Fabrics
white linen shorts: https://bit.ly/2YhXWaO
similar here: https://bit.ly/2AmPzCU
Dupes: https://bit.ly/3dNmNd5 // https://bit.ly/3hbq9Jc // https://bit.ly/3gbAcNz
linen dress: https://bit.ly/3gbZTh9 \ https://bit.ly/3cU4xxz
Cotton options: https://bit.ly/3e2CjSo
white cotton dress (tts, s) https://bit.ly/2UG2qqU
white Target dress https://bit.ly/37sjxRW
tulle dress https://bit.ly/3ck9AHE
blue and white dresses https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/61H4o080k7nz6UHkN2S7Bw
** I’ll be rounding up more selections on my blog later today

2: Flowy Fits
favorite jean shorts (I sized down to 27) https://bit.ly/2KLSVUD
jean short try on/review video: https://bit.ly/2TtjkYT
pleated shorts https://bit.ly/3fWxqMm
pretty flowy dresses for summer: (coming soon)
white dress https://bit.ly/33GxB8I

3: Lighter colors
white dresses: https://bit.ly/3hkqNUM \ https://bit.ly/2APdB9p || https://bit.ly/2UILEHI
Walmart dress https://bit.ly/37iEGOF

4: Hats
straw hat https://bit.ly/2SAOqOB \ https://bit.ly/37tMTiP \ https://amzn.to/3hoc2jE
Straw Hat roundup: https://www.strawberrychicblog.com/2020/06/straw-hats.html

5: Undergarments
everyday bra mentioned https://bit.ly/2Yt0L8H
thinner option https://bit.ly/3e288ux
sticky bra https://bit.ly/31YvE6J
breathable nude thong https://bit.ly/2Mf6xFq

6: Summer bags
YSL crossbody (back in stock) https://bit.ly/2B3OXlE
shop cute straw bags for Summer: https://bit.ly/2UGn2is

7: Summer hairstyles
hair scarfs: https://bit.ly/2B4tuZE \ https://bit.ly/3e2qo7i \ https://amzn.to/2YydOpL
hair ties for braids: https://amzn.to/30G5uXH
favorite ponytail hair ties https://bit.ly/2YCbCNQ

8: open toe shoes
Favorite Tory Burch sandals (size up a half size) https://bit.ly/39ULiSN
similar option from Walmart under (size up) https://bit.ly/3bTgeFv
See the best dupes here: https://bit.ly/30IpjxM
white sneakers: https://bit.ly/3hqwYXl
shop more summer sandals: http://bit.ly/38BBrkY

9: Flowy/Breathable sleeves

10: Packable fan

self tanner: https://bit.ly/2JzOZ8M
pearl hoop earrings worn: https://bit.ly/2BCR3Jr
nail polish: OPI Lets Be Friends (I have an at-home gel kit)
linked everything I use here: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/3FVzTNomgXzsyT8oVkmktY
ring https://bit.ly/3h3y4b6

shop background details: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/6WFDtWvwMQMEiaT3Wc3m2
what’s on my clothing rack: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/48dc8lsYl0Y7jbJC2rdjrA

#summerstyle #howto #summerwardrobe

Top: S
Pants: 4-6
Shoes: 8
Weight: 130ish lbs
Height: 5’5”
Bra: 34B

Nordstrom https://rstyle.me/+70-O1IL87K9ylHGFQQ_qvw
Walmart https://rstyle.me/+3_PJTLSzSeotWmWaxUoVWA
Amazon https://amzn.to/38satwk
Target https://rstyle.me/+3PBMRaBNDbZPVhRKXaNxnA
LOFT https://rstyle.me/+2OmTaT-FVIPzBoUXUPGOfg

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20 thoughts on “10 Summer Style Hacks to Stay Cool and Chic | How to Dress for Hot Weather

  1. Nope, I tried those sticky bras several times and they just don’t work for me. They don’t stick and they were actually more uncomfortable. Oh well.

  2. Thanks for the great tips and outfit inspiration! I ordered the Brixton hat in honey/black from Nordstrom!! ????

  3. Yes! I love your ideas. I also have a portable pink fan and it is a game changer. I live in China and our office doesn't have air conditioning and it's like 85 degrees and humid. Another recommendation if you're going for a walk use a sun umbrella. All people in Asia use these and they are fabulous and great for reducing sunburn. Loved this ????????????

  4. I do not like polyester clothing. I make sure to check the fabric before I buy anything. I try to buy cotton or linen. I just bought a white linen blazer. I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m sure I could wear it some evening after it cools down some. I never wear dark colors in the summer here. Well, I do have a navy shirt that is thin, that I can wear. And if my hair looks like crap I put on a baseball cap. And when we get moved to our land. I may have to wear a baseball cap because of ticks.

  5. What about long walks outdoors like at theme parks? While you may lose more heat from sandals, sneakers provide you with more endurance to walk. And it may be a little extra but parasols do give you shade. Spray deoderants can also help you feel cooler than traditional gel or “powder block” deodrants. Insulated water bottles keep water cold opposed to plastic water bottles.

  6. Sorry if you’ve already linked it (I’ve been searching) but could you link the pink strawberry print skirt on the clothing rack behind you? It’s so cute!

  7. I love these tips! For me personally, the fabric doesn't affect me as much as the construction of the piece. An example would be the white long sleeve dress you showed in the beginning. For me, I would be too hot in that just from the sleeves. The same goes for shorts, denim shorts are fine for me, there isn't really a huge difference between wearing denim shorts and more flowy shorts.

  8. Please make a video specifically on rompers. I feel like they’re the coolest things to wear in the hot summer.

  9. Swap butt!!lol???? definitely lots of us here in the Rio Grande Valley!It's been 118°F here in deep south Texas!!!thanks for the tips ????☀️????????

  10. You said swamp butt!! My life is complete!!! Seriously, thankyou for these tips. I sweat horribly and its terribly humid in AL as well. Sleep sweat is a real thing too!! I have to differ from you on the sandals vs' other shoes. I sweat to death in sandals and they end up sticking. I have to wear sweat wicking socks and tennis shoes, sadly, most of the time, except for church. thankyou so much for all this. I am terrible at fabrics. And for the links. Many blessings!!

  11. Thank you!! I'm from Washington state & this is my second summer in the south & I've been dreading the heat & humidity! This will help a lot

  12. Thanks for your tips and tricks! I have been really into breathable bras and underwear lately. I find myself less sweaty if I wear them. ☺️ I am so glad.

  13. Amanda, you truly are one of the most helpful channels on here. It’s exhausting to repeatedly see the same washed up generic content and “advice” that really only amounts to either the common sense of anyone over the age of like 15 or the first two results of a quick google search. But I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve actually been able to take something useful away from your videos, and the time you put into providing complete and working links for EVERYTHING does not go unnoticed! I‘m willing to bet I’ve gotten more things from your recommendation than any other influencer, and they’re always SPOT ON, so thank you!

  14. These are perfect tips to keep cool. Love that little fan! Also- you pulled together the cutest collection of straw purses ever. I'm going to get at least one.

  15. I live in the Phoenix are and we have already had 110 temperatures. So I deal with heat and even though it may be 'dry heat,' when you go outside, it's like walking into an oven. The heat hits you from every direction and your skin bakes.

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