How to Wash and Style CURLY HAIR

How to Wash and Style CURLY HAIR

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Hope this video helps you curlies out. I never knew how much work having curly hair is, but it’s way better than spending hours straightening and killing my hair every week. Check out my other curl videos:






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44 thoughts on “How to Wash and Style CURLY HAIR

  1. Balance PEH in Poland we always say about that.If you could turn on the English
    Subtitles on some kind of polish video about hair( mosted about curly hair). You will know more about balance PEH. Really it's change your life. And i think it not true that cheap shampoo or conditioner is worst than expensive. Maybe in yours drugstore it is but in our is many cheap shampoo and conditioner on really good composition. I really like yours videos and your tips that's why i write this comment because maybe u heard about that if not, now u hear and u will read more about that.
    Greetings :):)

  2. I used to struggle a lot with my curly hair, I watched hundreds of videos on how to wash your hair or style them and to my hair didn't work, but finally I found you and you helped a lot I owe you keep going, great job❤️

    Edit:please don't judge my English, it is terrible

  3. Quick question: if my roots or the top of my hair is dry, is it okay to put my deep conditioner in it and massage it in?

  4. You should try the aphogee protein treatment! I feel like it would help define your curls 🙂 and I've heard a lot of good things about it too

  5. I need some help with my curls. Every time I shower, my hair looks like its dry when it's soaking wet. My curls look very frizzy, and they never used to look like that. Any advice?

  6. Beatiful hair, I'm starting my curl routine and it is very helpful: could I use Aloe Vera gel instead of other products?
    Greetings from Italy ????

  7. So beautiful I think your hair would benefit more if you sectioned it and distributed the leave in conditioner evenly and I also recommend you use some type of curling smoothie I recommend she’s moistures dame applying technique as the leave in and for definition use gel ???????? love your videos

  8. I've got a question. The Fringe you have looks pretty short once it's curled, however it didn't look as short when it's wet. It's definitely beautiful length once short. How did you incorporate it in your hair cut? Thanks

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