1. Glad I got the Leaf plus instead. Mat, you didn't say anything about the seats materials. I found them odd, unsatisfactory.

  2. What temperature was this in ? And when was it filmed summer or Autumn ? What’s was your average speed does the id3 tell you averaged speed on trips ? Thanks

  3. The ID3 definitely has potential. As far as i can work out, the buggy technology is a classic example of how new technology is often full of bugs that are often fixed in later models, which is something I can live with.

    But what I don't like is high tech for the sake of high tech and touch sensitive buttons that don't work half the time. In my humble opinion, steering wheel controls need tangible buttons that work 100% of the time. It might be old fashioned and "clunky" but at least they're reliable. Fannying around with touch sensitive buttons and unreliable technology can be about as dangerous and distracting as using your mobile phone at the wheel.