LTJ Bukem – Fussy Listener Mix Dec 2020

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40 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem – Fussy Listener Mix Dec 2020

  1. Yes yes damn good. Thank you Bukem, sir…
    This is so dope and deep, representing so well the pure and finest DnB jungle music!
    Cheers from ??

  2. I'm loving this and my cats are too! Nice one Danny! ???? I remember seeing you in Birmingham November 2002 at The Medicine Bar in The Custard Factory. A fresh face Makoto was doing a set and afterwards I spoke to you. Told you my fav track of yours was Rhodes To Freedom. Never will forget that moment. You was so chilled and approachable. Been listening to the Bukem since '95 and will never stop!!??

  3. That intro reminds me of my first car back in 1996 accompanied with my first Ltj bukem cd ft. Cleveland wattkiss. Very Nostalgic

  4. LTJ Bukem is really one of the pioneers and grandmasters of the electronic revolution, follow his sound since the earth compilations, never been distracted
    ?best wishes for 2021?

  5. Danny. Blessings to you, sir!. Nick and I Can't wait to see you state-side soon. Thanks for the Xmas Gift Mix!!

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