How to Change "Made For Kids" YouTube Video Setting

If you make YouTube videos, you can to comply with the new law (COPPA) that makes it a requirement to tell YouTube if your videos are made for kids.

There is a new section in the upload tab that makes it easy to do this when you upload a video.

But what about all the previous videos you’ve already uploaded?
You can easily change that channel wide, so all your videos get the update.
If you want to change it on an individual video, you can select that video under the videos tab and edit that setting individually.

Here is the video from YouTube explaining the entire process and reasoning for this change.

And here is more information from Google’s help page.

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20 thoughts on “How to Change "Made For Kids" YouTube Video Setting

  1. yes, its for everyone but if i put it for adults kids cant watch it and if i say its made for kids they cant even comment

  2. The brilliance of YT algorithms – a video can be marked as BOTH "adult content" AND "made for kids" !!!

  3. Thank you!
    You helped me so much! I was searching for a video like this, beacuse I am about to start with YouTube!
    Once again, Thank you so much!

  4. Thank You .. i had no idea what to do .. until i watched your video .. greetings

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