How To Tell If YouTube Thinks Your Videos Are "Made For Kids"

Are you worried that YouTube will label your videos as “Made for kids”?
They’ve already done this to some YouTubers. Here’s how to see if you are affected.
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20 thoughts on “How To Tell If YouTube Thinks Your Videos Are "Made For Kids"

  1. where do videogames fall under this? They really need a general audience option or like a teen and up. I'm guessing that's the not for kids or?

  2. when you want to post minecraft vids but that would be made for kids so you wouldn’t be able to get comment feedback on your vids and you would have slow channel growth so you want to mark your vids not made for kids but then coppa would fine you bc minecraft is basically a kids game kind of idk and then you would have to explain to your parents why you need over 42 thousand dollars

  3. Youtuber: So I decided my videos are for kids
    Youtube: Can’t do that
    Youtuber: Adult Content?
    Youtube: Not that either

    Youtuber: I Quit

  4. I am so confused by this, can someone help?

    So I make videos which I make specially for teens but the game I make content of has a lot of children playing it. I mark my videos not made for kids, but should I change this? I am not being payed or anything for my videos so if changing if to made for kids would this affect me in any way? Also will my comments be taken away?

  5. So if I upload a video and I didn’t mark it as made for kids or not, will YouTube do it? I’m worried

  6. My videos always get labeled as for kids even though it clearly states that my videos are for ADULT collectors. I am just starting out and I know I picked a hell of a good time to start

  7. Uhm., if I have my kids under 13 acting in my video For family entertainment,is IT considered as a video that made For kids?

  8. I.M Not A Kid Channel Creator. I.M A Angry Bird Bad Piggies Brazil Buses School Buses Airplane Trains City Buses Cars Simi Trucks Brazil Trucks Track & Field Activity Buses My Own Route & Covering Elementary School Academy Middle School College & High Schools In Broward & Dade County Coach Buses & More

  9. A song by deep purple – made for kids.
    A documentary about chernobyl. – made for kids

    What the heck youtube?

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