Made for Kids – Impact of COPPA (Halo Stop Motion)

After waking up from the previous night’s 10,000 subscriber celebrations, the Mega Construx gang make a shocking discovery.

For more information about #COPPA and how this legislation may affect many YouTubers, here are some links:

COPPA: everything you need to know!


20 thoughts on “Made for Kids – Impact of COPPA (Halo Stop Motion)

  1. Coppa by trying to make things better made everything worse. Your stopmotion was great and it shoes coppa how has the real power around here!

  2. I say we raid coppa and bring back equality to Youtubers to show their things without thiese stupid ideas from coppa

  3. So coppa is basically ruining peoples life's on YouTube if they don't do kid friendly stuff it's very annoying

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