Is Poland adopting ‘Putin-style’ politics? BBC News

The Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, has rejected criticism of her government’s policies that prompted an inquiry by the EU Commission. During the public hearing, some centrist and leftist members of the European Parliament accused the Polish government of curbing media freedom and limiting the powers of the country’s constitutional court. The President of the European parliament has described the situation as “a dangerous Putinisation of European politics”. The BBC’s Katie Razzall sent this report from Warsaw.

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20 thoughts on “Is Poland adopting ‘Putin-style’ politics? BBC News

  1. 1:30 that man is lying through his teeth. Maybe the media before PiS was political, but after they took power, the state media is essentially like during the Communist era. The amount of lies that the TVP is putting out is staggering. I really hope that my country doesn't lapse back into what we were fighting so long…

  2. How dare you BBC compared Poland to Russia . A Russia that killed thousands of poles and who poles fought against for democracy. Poles hate Putin. I’m a Polish American and this disgust me. Poland is the only nation in Europe that still has a culture while Western Europe is having fun with terror attacks while the culture is getting erased. Poland had there culture taken from them for hundreds of years and poles won’t let it happen again!

  3. "Putin-style politics"!!??? In Poland!? What a bullshit! Polish people hates the former KGB-colonel Vladimir Putin.

  4. Not true! Fake! Trump has had a greater impact on Poland. Fort Trump in Poland is a clear indication of that. Make Poland Great Again! Drain the swamp!

  5. Fuck me so when the government works its Putin style really.we should adopt dogy style and fuck our country's over nice

  6. Satan is building a lie. You are just doing the wicked! Let me remind you that communism and fascism are derived from the left

  7. Really? Putin style politics? FAKE NEWS! and even if it were true I'd still rather have Putin as a leader rather than Angela Merkel or Macron

  8. Why is every media I look at target Poland! It's offensive to me since I'm from Poland and bbc news and any other media, do everyone a favour and SHUT UP ABOUT POLAND FOR ONCE! >:C

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