Will COVID-19 bankrupt Canadian cities? | Power & Politics

Cities are on the front lines of the pandemic, but unlike other levels of government, they can’t run a budget deficit. Toronto Mayor John Tory said his city is bleeding about million a week and the pandemic could end up costing the city .5 billion. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman join Tory to discuss the situation.To read more: http://cbc.ca/

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20 thoughts on “Will COVID-19 bankrupt Canadian cities? | Power & Politics

  1. why does CBC close comments on the report from the military about the horrifying conditions at the seniors homes??? we, the supposed owners of this country have a right to be able to comment on this kind of terrible thing. the visits for inspections on these homes where many died from covid19 were stopped up to 3 years ago, with no surprise inspections since 2017 in some cases. disgusting. come on CBC, allow democracy to work, don't be part of the problem

  2. Trudeau will not say a thing about China and their virus killing Canadians and destroying our economy worse than it already was under his leadership. This taxpayer is SICK of the CBC picking and choosing which stories are open to comment. I have also had comments mysteriously disappear. Apparently someone at the CBC doesn't like it when one is critical of Trudeau and his Liberals. We know there are Chinese spies in Canada and the USA as well,l stealing technology but Trudeau never says a thing about that either!

  3. Most of them are corrupt politicians, they can't balance the budget when things are going well. Canada is doomed

  4. Tory is just a big talker never does anything he should be remove he is so crooked he is only there for the big pay check

  5. fighting to keep what you worked for, is it worth it, get rid of everything work eat sleep pay bills

  6. The banks of canada dont care what anyone is going through.. they will charge interest they will reclaim houses cars… and this whole renters plan relief that only fucks the landlord.. now how can the landlord get money.. hmm borrow from bank to further them into debt.. it's all a pyramid scheme thank about it

  7. Trudeau will probably ask the federal reserve in the USA and get 6% loans instead because his hopes and dreams are to further bankrupt this country. He was already 156 billion in the hole before covid.

  8. @ I don't think looking after homeless people did that John, how did you take care of the homeless , the way Trudeau did all those he let into Canada? TRUDEAU KNEW THERE WERE NO JOBS, SO WHY LET PEOPLE IN , YOU CANT PAY PEOPLE TO STAY HOME. they want to work.

  9. As a business owner this coronavirus bill is not ours, send the bill to china. End of story, just like the hydro deat reduction you see on your bill.

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