10 Failed TV Shows That Became Cult Classics

Firefly, we hardly knew ye.

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20 thoughts on “10 Failed TV Shows That Became Cult Classics

  1. Never watched Dollhouse, but from what I've seen up here, it reminds me of the show Stitchers.

  2. Loved “freaks and geeks” when I was in HS. Loved dollhouse, jerico , Firefly and dead like me (I have all the seasons on DVD!) I never head of Party down…

  3. If you’ve never watched Dollhouse, feel free to skip the second last episode of season two, you won’t be missing anything of value

  4. Jerico is not shot in kansas city, where are the fountains? Half finished construction? Giant pot holes? Why does it look like a small town in ohio? Kansas city is a metropolis connected to other more modern areas, you have to go past quite a bit to get to rural areas

  5. Fox… Fox … ???????? this is way I no longer watch shows on your network. So many good shows ending before there time.

  6. I loved Dollhouse. It was so unique. And who remembers Keen Eddie? About the American cop sent to England to work with Scotland Yard. It was a good mix of comedy and crime drama. And typical… Fox cancelled it before the even finished airing the first season (the final 2 or 3 episodes were never broadcast but are included in the series DVD set) for that mediocre 90210 wanna-be ripoff, The OC.

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