10 TV Shows Literally One Step From Perfection

Rick & Morty is great, but what if Rick actually learned something…?

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20 thoughts on “10 TV Shows Literally One Step From Perfection

  1. Haunting of Hill House to me was perfect, personally. All aspects. Even Shirley, she was realistically portrayed. Even if she had "less trauma"

  2. I mean the point of Rick is him being an asshole and you cant argue with him cause he is always right. People who know they're always right dont become saints

  3. You also forgot about that god awful Season 2 episode of Stranger Things when Eleven goes off to the city to live with a bunch of hippies ????

  4. You put on this list such garbage as How I Met Your Mother or Rick and Morty, and don’t even mention Attack on Titan?

  5. Do 10 absolutely perfect TV shows, starting with IASIP, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Peep Show, Arrested development original run, The Wire. To name a few. Also, Stranger Things is a fun show, but it really is utter shite.

  6. "Stop giving Rick a free pass" – This was written before yesterday's episode, wasn't it?

  7. Sorry, but The Office was much better without Carrel's unnecessary and stupid character. He was literally the only thing I didn't like about the show.

  8. watches the first one, with stranger things Really, I never really like hopper. Now killing Alexi on the other hand…

  9. Rick and Morty writers have tried pretty hard this season to show just how terrible Rick is and I'm fairly certain Harmon and roiland said they certainly know Rick isnt a hero not should people see him as such. The fandom is just crazy though lol

  10. If anyone knows where to stream season 3 of SLASHER… Netflix US doesn’t have it… drop a line ????????

  11. Everybody (at least the critics) thinks Friends is the perfect show. But Phoebe became annoying in the later episodes, and Joey was just creepy. Also hated the Janice character.

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