Beach Bunny – Sports

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20 thoughts on “Beach Bunny – Sports

  1. The only people who disliked the video is the people who are bad at sports yes that means you're good at sports if you liked the video 🙂

  2. POV: its summer and your'e listening to this song while skating on your skateboard (cough cough literally me)

  3. "If we keep score, bet my money that I'm losing"
    Why are the lyrics so damn relatable. This whole song 100% sums up how I felt in my last relationship ://

  4. I'm kinda young but my older brother hear to beach bunny and kids don't really hear this type and man look at me. I love this

  5. this is like the best song ever but imagine this song was from the 80s and WAIT I GOT AN IDEA!1!!!!11! so yk how I said imagine if this song was from the 80s? and she sounds like robin from stranger things? now IMAGINE if in season 4 robin is there and she becomes straight and dedicates this song to Steve! THATS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!!!1!1!

  6. It is just me, or could this song be a good aromantic anthem?
    A lot of lines feel like a couple, that started as romantic, but slowly both of them understand they don't want a romantic relationship, just a platonic one, even tho they still love eachother.
    The lines that got my attention were:
    "Why are we so complicated?
    Maybe love is overrated"
    "Why are we so complicated?
    Love is a word I've always hated"
    IDK if yall agree, but I do like this idea lol

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