Asia's most luxurious glamping resort: Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) – full tour (PHENOMENAL!)

Join me on a full tour of the Shinta Mani Wild, the most exclusive hotel in Cambodia. Designed by Bill Bensley, the ultraluxe hotel is located in an unprotected wildlife corridor and features 15 spectacular jungle tents, perched over swift moving waters and waterfalls.

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20 thoughts on “Asia's most luxurious glamping resort: Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) – full tour (PHENOMENAL!)

  1. Impressing.. tempting.. and inquiring.. if possible to score better prices than $2000+ per night by any chance.. we're non drinkers, and the resort doesn't need to provide us any alcohol.

    Spending a week, even three nights there be nice!

  2. Like i said at Angkor Wat, that "What I did on vacation" presentation just got TEN TIMES better !! That Zip Line was Awesome. They must have enjoyed it immensely !

  3. Uh oh …. not air conditioned! What was the average temperature when you stayed here? Is there a preferred season to visit? Are mosquitoes an issue at night? One normally desires to avoid mosquito-carried disease!

  4. Don't think I blinked throughout watching this video, eyes glued to the screen. Think I would have dropped my on zip wire, I'd of had to walk back for it.

  5. Great video and the addition of (im presuming) your family as well made for a new and nice angle. How are you still able to travel holiday with the current pandemic ongoing?

  6. I get tearful when I see such incredible, well cared for nature! It’s a gift to us and should be ???? treasured. Beautiful video and I will have to watch this one again, once is not enough. ????

  7. ….This is more than bewitching
    video !
    ….A fabulously fascinating
    journey !
    ….This is when the soul wants
    to hide from modern
    civilization !
    No more , no less !
    * * *
    It's very nice to see Your family and the boundless joy of children, especially there and in those situations where adrenaline is simply necessary !
    * * *
    I'm immensely grateful
    The Great Expert !

  8. I couldn't help having a big grin on my face watching you and your family on those zip lines…that was awesome:)
    I see your sharing your family with us more often although you are still semi-anonymous.
    Thank you for a very neat video????
    Rik Spector

  9. So many cool things to do and see, I wouldn’t know what to do first. Zip line first for sure!!!

  10. Wow!! Zip lining to check in…how fun is that?!!! Very interesting! Thanks again, LTE, for bringing us along ????????!!!

  11. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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