Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Covid-19 and travel

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, joins “Closing Bell” to talk about safe travel in the age of coronavirus.

20 thoughts on “Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Covid-19 and travel

  1. Other than hospitals, airports and airplanes are the riskiest places in the world. It's just that politicians and experts want to fly.

  2. When the politicians and experts "need" to fly, of course it is safe to fly, but if I need to go to a concert, it is not safe because politicians and experts don't give a damn about our Constitutional right to liberty!!!!

  3. Dr. Gottlieb, please tell Dr. Fauci that he fails in containing the COVID 19. Over 13,000 death is not acceptable.
    The highest in the world.

  4. Reminds me of the time I was going to a yankee game. Bottom of the 3rd and what? Lights on? Of corse not! Lights off… problem was that my girl did not get the tickets. Stll, when we got in finally it was popcorn and soda time. Easy as 1,2,3 I tell ya. Smooth and nice.

  5. Hey Doc. I've given you alot of crap recently and I'm still not sure if you are right or wrong on this. Unfortunately science and medicine have deceived people and there is a massive campaign of misinformation (from somewhere) and now it's hard to know who to trust. However I do think you believed what you said here.

  6. The last 2 -3 weeks this channel was only about the protests and encourage this mess now they complain about why cases spiked. This media is stupid

  7. He is basically saying yes and not to every question. Like the travel question he goes its safe to travel but only if you really need to travel…..literally he doea not want to be proven wrong on this

  8. 3:03 "Epidemics get started because there are reasons why you have outbreaks" followed by, "it's the spark that lights the flame that burns into a large fire."

    Wow. Thank goodness for this guy. What would we do without him?

  9. 4 of the 5 states having issues are the main gateway states for drug imports from Mexico and South-America…

    What a strange coincidence,l.

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