Top 10 Places To Travel AFTER Coronavirus

With the current pandemic of Coronavirus, it has put travelers into an interesting situation! If you’re like me, you’re probably quarantined in your house daydreaming of the day when you can travel again! I decided to make a travel guide of places to go once it’s safe and responsible, Hope it gets you inspired and excited to travel the world once Coronavirus gets under control.

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Places To Travel AFTER Coronavirus

  1. Your trip preference is so alike with mine. I had a chance to visit Scotland Isle of skye last year, and it was the best experience of my life ever. And also I am so glad you mentioned Italian Dolomites, because that's the place on my bucket list !!

  2. Hey Ryan, wow you've been to a lot of places I haven't been! Big Sur and Bolivia are high on my list. Do you have any trips planned for later this year? I just found 10 countries that are already open 🙂 Maybe we can cross paths and collab somewhere!

  3. oh woow. thanks for sharing this video! beautiful’! need to do more drone shots. ????We’re „stuck“ in New Zealand and back to our VANLIFE. Just uploaded our travel vlog from the NORTH ISLAND ???????? / and a SOUTH ISLAND VIDEO – is coming soon! ???? this one is gonna be awesome!! 🙂 hope you’re doing fine during this weird covid situation.. love from sue

  4. To travel you have to find flights…
    Virus: I hereby announce that all international flights are prohibited! No way for your trips!

  5. Your videos are so appealing to eyes ???? I am also following you in tiktok though now with this Corona thing , we Indians and I believe the world over has become more cautious of Chinese goods and services

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