Victims Of QNet Scam Speak Exclusively To Republic TV

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22 thoughts on “Victims Of QNet Scam Speak Exclusively To Republic TV

  1. Funny how this side of the comments are all negative,, and the other side of other videos on positives. ????Whom to trust? Media has not followed it's portfolio this coming new age modern century.

  2. It really feels good to see those ppl speaking like this to this huge industry and thinking that they can fool other ppl to believe that this business is a scam, sorry to tell u that u are a slave for the huge company that makes u work over 9 hours and pays u less than what u work but let the CEOs be richer, and u are still complaining about this, hhhhhh if u think we are scamming ppl, then we are really happy to scam ppl and change their life in a way so they can think differently and help other ppl, just wanna say for those who were in this vid, go eat ur parata and wake up early tomorrow to work in the different companies that we have built by help from qnet that changed our mindset and let us do different businesses at the same time.

  3. All time best bcoz qnet only teaches how to achieve our own dreams in any struggling any situation

  4. This is bullshit. Guys Qnet is legal in India listen to Supreme Court. They have seen everything then only given a legal tag just think logically guys be chill and get ready to work hard for 4-5 years to achieve your dreams ???? God bless you all Qneter's ???? I repeat Best direct selling company QNET ❤????

  5. Hahahaha mujhe toh Lagta hai ye news channel hi ek scam
    Aur haa ek baat aur QNET is best network marketing company
    I luv QNET ❤️

  6. Aaj kal Job me Jo scam chal raha hai wo media nahi dhikhraha hai. Kitna jhoota viedo banaya hai. Sir aap log ko business nahi karna hai mat karo sir. Aaplog dusro k liye job karo usko amir banao. Hot zone me ane se kuch nahi hota madam. Kaam karna padtha hai mehnat hai. Job me sablog ghade k jaisa mehnat karthe hai. Idar jaldi paisa Chahiye aap logo ko. Band tho nahi hoga madamji 22 Saal k company hai. Insan mar jayege but Qnet hamesa jinda rahega. Qnet ne lakho logo ka life banaya hai. Bhigada nahi. Sahi insan chuno madamji galat ko chuno k tho dhoka he khaoge. This media is fraud. Jhoote kabar ka paisa bana thi hai. Media is scam sir.

  7. Bakws news mat dhekao. Aaplog dusro ka life bhigadne ka kaam mat karo. Media ka kaam he hai sab barbad karna. Ye news channel ko patha nahi kitne paise mile hai bawas news dhikhane ne ka. Galag people ko apna paisa dhethe hai aur news me aake apna rona rothe hai. Choose right people in Q net. Qnet is the best company forever. Dont blame this. Ye news challane he fake hai. TRP k liye dusro ka life bardad karthe hai.

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