We broke up…

We love you ❤️



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We broke up…

Christina Kayy
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  1. Why did I like start to tear up when I saw this video. I still love u both. Best of love ❤️

  2. And people, stop saying it's a prank because it's not. Christina said it, but it's not true. Maybe it's just hard for her, but do not say it's a prank when is not a prank.

  3. Its the best u both broke up…. She' will never get matured, will never be ready to be a mother of ur son Cyrus… I am a big fan and watches all vdo, and even follow yu guys on TikTok, ig etc… Christina was never ready to be a wife!! Find someone worth ur time and love cyrus.. Iloveyou boy.. Stay strong!! ????????

  4. I respect your decision. I hope you guys do good, and stay safe and strong. I'll support you.

  5. ???????????? nooo!! This can’t be happening!! Y’all are one of the best couples????????I’m gonna miss y’all being together..I’m still gonna support and respect y’all tho????????????

  6. I hope if is a prank but if you two are good like that … I hope if you two are happy like that is just lettel sad b you two was so happy … But if you two are happy like that I am happy too????????

  7. I know why! just say it pls tell y'all need to be more than friend date ok y'all are miss under standing ok listen

  8. Please get back together please please!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the worlds best couples pleaaseee you guys look cute together please get back together

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