Zidane headbutt

France vs Italy Fifa Final, Zidane gets mad, goes SSJ and unleashes his GREAT FURY!!!


  1. i always hated Zidane for it today i knew that it was Marco's fault lol ! he insulted Zidane's sister

  2. Astonishing that after such an unbelievable playing career with all his achievement and pure talent, he ended it all by doing this in extra time in a World Cup final.

  3. materazzi made so angry for zidane
    zidane was so mad and just headbutted on him
    that happened in the final between france and italy in germany
    zidane was dismissed

  4. Zidane: headbutts Materazzi
    Every other commentator: "Zidane has just headbutted Materazzi!"
    American commentator: "Marco Materazzi has been CrUshED!"

    The American commentator makes it sound like Zidane had run Materazzi over with a tank!

  5. Matterazzi said to Zidane ' I'd rather have your sister, than your shirt after the game'. ????????

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